Chahine Hamila

Chahine Hamila is a world expert in e-government policy, management and technology. His experience ranges from R&D projects in North American startups, or strategic consulting in the Middle East, to ICT consulting across all continents for international institutions such as the European Commission, USAID or United Nations.

Chahine has an MSc. in Computer Science from France, an MSc. in Finance from Canada (with a Masters Thesis in venture capital), and an MBA from INSEAD, France.

In his last 10 years, he has worked mainly in ICT policy and management consultancy. He has provided advisory on strategic, operational and technical issues to senior officials (mostly ministerial level, cabinet staff or directors) on government digital policy, strategy and implementation. His activities included technology operations, but also human resources, strategic design, budget management and more.

He has advised the governments of countries such as Honduras, Philippines and Guinea-Bissau in the implementation of biometric civil identification systems, energy auction marketplaces or drone infrastructure projects.

Chahine founded Cocentris in 2017 with the vision of turning it into an R&D hub, where scientific progress and business would meet and spark innovative companies. In Cocentris he has found the place to channel his unwavering energy and hunger for growth.

Miguel Rubio. Musician, graphic designer, politician, movie critic, electoral observer, web developer, public affairs consultant, youtuber, programmer, economist, social media manager, analytics expert, tech entrepreneur…Pick three professions which you think Miguel has tried to devote his life to. Wrong! The answer is all of them.

He likes to remind himself of Steve Job’s timeless commencement address to Stanford graduates. The one about connecting the dots, where he explains that his life made more sense in retrospect than it did while he was living it as a young student. Miguel sincerely hopes that’s his case.

There’s certainly common thread in his life: there’s a combination between a creative impulse and the need to understand and explain it. Hopefully tame it and use it to create something that’s valuable for people.

He was 18 when he met Chahine. They were volunteers in an international NGO for development. He went on to become a journalist and move on to digital communications consultancy. In his last years he was strategic designer, helping clients design products and services with a research philosophy and an iterative approach.

He was 38 when he joined Cocentris. Cocentris was the place that was everything Miguel has hoped for. The place where ideas walk the talk and become businesses. Businesses are super complex orchestral efforts to bring value to many. Cocentris is where all those other professions can find a way to be useful, Yes, even the musician.

He is also the author of these lines. He hates speaking in third person, so he felt the need to confess